Now I feel I’m jumping from subject to subject, as if they were ice floes in Antarctica!

(But, on the positive side; it may be a small sign that I am actually moving a few inches along on The Healing Path). The blog takes on a life of its own and apparently, this more light-hearted post wanted out of my head, so here we go! Challenges:


  • A rather insignificant, but both touching and annoying challenge, is that my beloved cat wants to be a co-writer! He insists on this by coming and putting his paws on my keyboard and being generally adorable. (Jealousy from pets is somehow more endearing than in humans, wouldn’t you agree).


  • There are so many interesting, fascinating, amazing blogs out there! I want to read them all, but there’s just not enough time. It is wonderful when you find an inspiring blog containing hundreds of posts. I like to start my reading from their first post, to really get to know that blogger’s world. But that way, I can only keep up reading a handful, at once. A luxury problem, really!


  • Starting a blog has been incredibly fun and inspiring! So much so, that it has made an old and silly dream of mine, come alive again; being a writer! It might be one of the oldest cliché types of dreams ever, sort of like “I wanna be a rock star”. I don’t care! Still my dream. 

I’ve had that dream for as long as I can remember, but Reality, in the form of the need to pay rent and food, got in the way, so I got a “normal, secure job”, instead. Probably wise, since it seems extremely hard to make a living as a writer these days. But I can still have my daydream, in which I’m sitting in a cozy coffee shop or in a cottage by the sea, working on my next book!


In my own heart and soul, I’ll still be a writer, even if I don’t ever publish a thing, except this little blog.

Lastly, another small challenge; I write in English, while not having it as my native tongue, so I only have my bad amateur English that I’ve learned in school, as my tool. (Weird, unintentional rhyme, there). But, practice makes…better, I’d say. I don’t even wanna be perfect. I’m not a narcissist, for heaven’s sake!😉

-(Feel free to help me find new and interesting blogs for my Reader, in the comments below!)-Love//Survived