Just adding a bit of info about my categories here, since the blog is certainly taking on a life of its own, and going in all directions at once.. so here goes:

New category: Journal, exactly what it sounds like; thoughts and experiences mostly from my current everyday life.

Ramblings and Regrets; this one can contain a little bit of everything, past, present and future. It is mostly what it sounds like. I am by no means a poet, but I might occasionally throw in something similar to poetry in here.

The rest of the categories; Well, they’re basically about narcissism, narcissistic abuse (emotional abuse) and the journey towards healing from that.

I know some people just like to read “everything” on a blog, whereas some people like to only read certain parts, so I hope this can be helpful to potential readers.

It may be positive that the blog is no longer only about narcissism, but also about me and my own thoughts. Sure, it gets more “chaotic”, but hey, I choose to see this as a sign of healing, that I am exploring myself also, for a change!

❤Healing thoughts//Survived