Here is a piece of a different culture, another sort of music, that you may just not have experienced yet, so I truly recommend that you do. In my eyes this is a very talented musician and I wonder if he’s not a poet, too? Not to worry if you don’t understand what he’s saying, cause Survived has already made her own translation for you, below! (For best experience you may wanna read those lyrics first).

This song is for anyone who has ever been lonely, lost, or missing that special person! I do recommend it, since in my eyes it is beautiful! It has brought tears to my eyes, in fact…

The Song link:  Here (go ahead! You know you are curious about our strange and “moody” Northern culture…! After reading my rants ;))

And the lyrics, in English:

You call me, at a late hour, and say;

that your apartment will come loose, and fall down, from the building

be crushed against the street. 

One has to carry one’s grief in one’s arms, one has to imitate those who have the strength, the ones who keep going, no matter what…

No one else would understand, and no one else, would walk even one yard for me, 

I need you

You say; “Come, and take me somewhere else, all the walls are closing in, closer, and closer..  “

And you know, you have to carry “Space” on your shoulders, you have to imitate those who wake up, knowing what they want… 

No one else would understand, no one else would even walk one yard for me 

I need you 

And tonight, you need to make me go out, I’m just gonna tag along, I need you

And tonight, I don’t have the energy to be afraid anymore, you have to take me somewhere else…  Hold me…

You said; “Come, you need to make me go out, and I’m just supposed to tag along.. I need you.. You said; come, I can’t face being afraid anymore, you have to take me somewhere else… hold me…hold me… hold me….

ladda ned

The artist Jonathan Johansson



(Pic1: devllaa/deviantart, pic2: Anders Hedberg Magnusson)