If you are interested in learning even more about narcissists, why not read their own works? In all fairness, you always have to let the voices of others be heard, otherwise my blog would be like a dictatorship, and we can’t have that now can we. Before I link you the two blogs/webpages I have in mind, I would like to issue a small warning. You may be triggered and feel pain while reading these writers. I did. I could still handle it. (But everyone is different). Anyway, here goes:

The first one is: This one

( A.k.a. “Knowing the narcissist”, https://narcsite.wordpress.com  )

In my first link, is his first post, so you can read his brilliant blog right from the beginning. The blog is by a man called HG Tudor (from now on “HG”. Hey that’s not too informal, is it HG? I believe he might read this.. 😉 or not and then it’s no problem). His blog is truly enlightening, a unique insight into a narcissist’s mind. I really do like the way HG writes, while very informative, still keeping a personal touch. Really keeps your interest alive. I really recommend his blog. For me, I found it when I was already heading out of the narcissistic relationship. It still helped me to confirm things I knew and remind me of reality.


Education is the best defense?

HG “killed my dream world”, in a way that was healthy and good for me! HG also seems to be a very polite person and does his best to answer your comments/questions. (He also has books you can buy online).

The second one is: This one

(A.k.a Sam Vaknin’s site about narcissism). The site has so much info that it’s almost overwhelming at first. But it’s well worth reading. I found his site when I didn’t know much about narcissism, I only suspected that something was very, very wrong with my “partner” at the time.

After spending a good long while at this site, and reading all about the narcissist’s personality, pieces started to fall into place for me. I became very frightened, cause 90% or more of all those facts and traits, was like they were the “mold” that my “partner” had been cast from.. uncanny. I remember showing my narc ex certain passages, and saying I believe he fit into these descriptions. I remember him protesting (very mildly), claiming that “no…not everything resembles me”. I thought: well not everything, but 90% and that’s scary enough for me! Yikes!) I understand that Sam Vaknin also has a personal blog/journal, although I’ve not yet read that.


Whoa, wait a minute! This could mean a small step in my healing journey.. that I actually can mention narcissists’ blogs on my own blog. I do not “hate all narcissists”, I feel aversion to the one who did me wrong, personally… and I don’t think I would ever again have a problem with leaving a narcissist, if I fell in love with one and he hurt me terribly (since that is usually their nature, if we are honest, both HG and Sam Vaknin tell us so).

But, in no small part, my progress is actually thanks to these men I’ve mentioned here today. Regardless if they meant to do so, they are narcissists who have done a good deed, by being honest, and spreading knowledge about narcissism.


I say like Alanis Morrisette, “isn’t it ironic”, that narcissists actually contributed in my journey to save myself from more harm, by the hands of a narcissist… ? 

But going into reading narcissists’ perspectives, do not forget;


(Pic1: Nasa)