If you arrive in the city of Edinburgh you’ll see this little ancient castle perched atop a volcanic cliff. (Not to worry, the volcano is dead).. 

I present to you: images of one of my greatest loves: Scotland! (I have “blog writers’ block” right this moment, but I do have some “writing posts” in mind for the weekend, though!).

This photo series will, (like the NZ series), be 3-4 posts. This will however be more chaotic, freely mixed, all parts of the country scattered over all the blog posts. In the rebellious spirit of… Wiliam Wallace, of course! (Otherwise known as Braveheart).

I’ve been to Scotland about four times, by now. Yes, that is how smitten I am! Have you been? Great! If not, go! Yesterday! 😉

You may want to listen to a “bonnie” song, and if so, I present you with a song with a very Scottish feel to it: Here, or a version that should work for cel phones Here (it should open in an all new internetwebs cyber window, so fear not! You will not lose ole’ SurvivedNarc by going there). ‘Nuff said, to the photos now.




Walkabout in a wild valley



People seem to like privacy and distance from neighbors, in the Highlands…



Salmon in some rivers around here



Unfortunately I only have the cheapest camera available, but I’ll tell y’all, there’s some crazy magic light going on in Scotland. It’s a photographer’s dream. The way the light plays over the hills, with an everlasting battle between light and shadow, is a true privilege to behold! 



Good times! ….Old times.. 



Strolling along this tranquil river felt so early 1900’s, that I had to have an old black and white feeling for the photo

Until next time, friends! Thanks for visiting. 💜

(Photos ©survivednarc)