Welcome back to part 2 of the Scottish photos, of my world travels that I want to show you! (The whole series so far consists of 6 parts, the first 4 are about New Zealand, you can find it all under Category “Photography” on my blog). Now on to the goodies! 


I walked about 12 miles up the valley, quite a lot, at least for me..


Does he have the best job in the world? Playing music by a road up to the Highlands.. 



I love this mysterious river 



Do you remember what I said about the light in Scotland? This photo is neither shot, nor edited, to be this “black and white”. It was this special light one afternoon by a sea loch (“sea lake”, sort of like a fiord)…and this whole little village was covered with a greyish, white and black light, like you see here. I’ve seen grey storms before, but this was no storm, it was calm, and magnificent to see!! 



A beautiful river coming down a mountain, forming a soft kind of waterfall



The battle between shadow and light on the hills… I suddenly want to go back there!



Mirror, mirror on the lake.. 


I hope you enjoyed today’s series!☺ We have one more part left of this series, before we move on to another country. I’ll be back with the final part of the Scotland series during this coming week. (Meanwhile, I’ll post ramblings, random poems, etc, like I usually do) 😉 I leave you with one of my semi-artsy photos of a swan (Scottish, of course). If you’ve followed my blogs, you’ve probably seen a couple of swans by now. I like them, maybe it’s the romantic in me…  Until next time, friends! 💋


(Photos ©survivednarc)