Yep. Another hoover, here, tonight. Narcissist’s lurking in the shadows, it seems. Another e-mail from him. Simply saying something like: “So.. would you like to come over tonight..? (Smiley). Darn….this is just so hard, you know…”.

Uhm, ok… Thanks for your profound remorse (NOT) and that you’re really showing an insight into how much you hurt me (NOT). Whatever.

In my post the other day about Hero hoovering, I mentioned it seemed he was doing it because maybe he “felt” that I was in a mindset to move on. And I also asked you guys, if it isn’t spooky the way narcissists pop back up, exactly when you’re trying to move on.. For those of you who do believe these sort of things,  “energetic connections”, and whatnot.. this hoover the narcissist made today, arrived in my e-mail inbox 15 minutes after I had written the post about me letting go of him completely. A bit eerie… or a complete coincidence, who knows?

Do not worry about me, blogging friends! I’m staying strong. I have no intention of replying to the narcissist. Am blocking that e-mail too, as we speak here. This is just a good example of how a narcissist “works”. Now, Hero has put two and two together, and probably understood that there’s a real risk that I’ll actually be gone for good. So now, he starts panicking a little. Cause I am his best, or most reliable, source of narcissistic supply. So… he’ll probably make one more try, or a few more tries.


He may even up the ante next time and start begging, and making false promises, as he has done before… (If you’re interested in that sick story, it’s in the post “..It was The Worst Of Times”: You find it here).

Doesn’t this even make me flinch? Doesn’t it make my stomach flutter with anxiety? Doesn’t my heart tremble even the slightest?

Of course it does. But I trust my own strength more, now. I love myself too much, to go down that road again!


Take care of yourselves, friends! 💖