La Sagrada Familia. Oh, look the people look like ants next to it, and I could not fit the whole building in my photo, even from across the street!


Today we leave beaches and nature behind for a little while, and head for Barcelona! Sure, they do have a “city beach”, but since we had so many beaches in the previous photo series, today we focus on buildings, and street scenes, of this city! For those of you who are unsure of the location; it’s in Northeastern Spain. Welcome, or as we say in Barcelona, “bienvenidos”!

I used to live in Barcelona for a while, so its architecture and alleys hold a special place in my heart… If you want my advice, don’t go in July-August, as it’s totally over-crowded. May-June, or September, is probably a better choice. I didn’t have a very good camera on my latest trip there.. but nevermind that, you’ll get a sense of the place anyway. Now, let’s explore!



Inside La Sagrada familia, my favorite corner, because of the special light there.. There are all kinds of windows in all colors in there, they have the blue section, the green section, etc.. It is lovely!



A nice little square in the Old Town (Barrio Gótico/Gothic Quarters)



Another church up on a mountain top with a view of the city



I stumbled upon these amazing sculptures/statues, inside another church



A quiet street – people hiding away from the heat during siesta hours



In the Gothic Quarters you can find some gargoyles on some old buildings…! Some scary and others just very amazing to look at



Inside another church, beautiful building, very old.. 



Walking down a nice, busy old street



After all this exploring, it’s time for some tapas! Here is the fantastic cheese called “queso manchego”, and some sangría. Later on we will get some garlic shrimp and lots of other tasty small dishes!

That’s it for now, friends! I hope you enjoyed your tour of Barcelona! Next time in our photo series, I think we will return to nature and scenery… But Barcelona might make a come back, if I find some more nice photos in future… Take care for now and welcome back!