Our first stop is of course a beatiful little castle!


Welcome back to part 3 of the Scotland Photo Series! We took a break from Scotland to go to some places with beaches and other stuff. But now we are back to my beloved favorite place in the world! No other place gives me such peace in the soul.

I dug deep in the treasure trove, and found enough nice photos for this post and at least 2 more parts! That is great news indeed! We will look at scenery and some castles, from all over Scotland. We journey deeper and further into the Highlands than we ever did before! I hope you’ll enjoy this tour! A fitting song is “The Skye Boat Song”, a Scottish folk song, originally. (You may recognize that song cause of another reason, since it was featured in the romantic/”historical” TV series “Outlander”, set in Scotland). You find the song: Here (opens in a new window). Now, let’s stretch our legs!


Our feet are not weary as we walk in this lovely valley, or “glen” as we say in Scotland



But let us take time to stop and smell the roses! (Or whatever flower we can find..!)



This is another “glen” with lots of peace of mind and not many people, and it is shrouded in mist, and fall colors.



We continue further into the same glen and are awestruck by its beauty. We stop next to a mountainside and have a drink of water from one of the hundreds of small streams or little waterfalls along they way. See if you can spot the streams of water to the left down the mountain slope!



Reluctantly we left the glen and now find ourselves on the isle of Skye, at its coast. See if you can find the small cows on the stony beach… they are hard to catch, cause of the light, and the distance..  We catch our breath here, by the salty sea.



We go on a boat tour to a smaller island, on the way we meet these fellows, seals resting on the rocks. They look at us with curiosity. 



While exploring Isle of Skye we come across a waterfall that pours out into the sea



Back on mainland we pause again, by this beautiful lake surrounded by mountains.



We find ourselves on some castle grounds….



….And we make time to see this castle..


That’s it for today, hope you feel refreshed by the scenery and fresh air of the highlands. Thanks for visiting and see you next time!

(All photos ©SurvivedNarc)