2016-01-21 22.09.58

Walking among trees always removes my work stress!Β 

Ok, so I won’t say I’ve made peace with winter. But sure, a truce. When Winter makes an effort and shows itself from its best side, posing for me in the sunshine, I oblige and take a few simple photos with my mobile phone.

I had a lovely walk today on my lunch break! Which was much needed, cause I am absolutely drowning in work, so I won’t post as much the next couple of days. That’s why I just had to post this quick tidbit of my life, in “Journal”. (Not in “Photography”, since these were just “quick everyday photos”). Hope you like them, anyways.

2016-01-21 21.56.12

Better find a way around this enormous patch of ice on the path.

Oh, by the way! I will now start putting a “counter” at the end of each post. Just a sentence, to mark how many days I’ve been No Contact with the narcissist. This is just a motivational thing for me, that I’ll keep up for as long as I feel it’s needed. Call it a crutch for my heart, I don’t mind. All ways we can find to heal ourselves, are good ways, I believe.

(The funny thing is, that only people who read my blog regularly, will understand what “No Contact: day X” means. All who pop by just once will think I reside in the “coo-coo’s nest”). And they’ll never come back, probably… That’s ok. I write mostly for myself – and of course the wonderful blogging friends, who pop in from time to time. πŸ™‚ (Hey there, new guy visiting my blog, you are welcome too, I didn’t mean to scare you off!) All old and new friends are welcome, SurvivedNarc has been told she has a big ole’ heart! So I hope you make yourself at home, here in my corner of Blogland… πŸ’‹

2016-01-21 19.51.34

They’ve luckily kept some of the really old, tall trees, in the park areasΒ 


2016-01-21 22.03.19

I love this gate post, caught my eye with its pattern.


2016-01-21 22.20.31

A close-up of the snow; look how beautiful and big the “snow crystals” are.. that only seems to happen when it’s extremely cold, like it is now.

2016-01-21 22.33.45

A view out from the little park, onto a residential area.

No Contact: Day 19

πŸ’™Au Revoir, Mes Amis!πŸ’™