“Hey, how are you? It’s been about three weeks now, since we saw each other. How is that for you? For me, it’s really tough. There’s so much I miss! All “our” stuff. πŸ™‚ I just really wish you were here. I’m just at home all weekend. Anyway, it is a bit tough, not seeing you. Just wanted to say that, don’t know if you’re getting this, or not. I wish you were here. You know where I am, in any case, little baby. I miss our sparks! Hugs.”

Yes… this is what was in my e-mail, upon checking it, right after my latest post about healing. I had received the e-mail about an hour before the post, (right about the time I was feeling a bit excited, to write a new post about healing…). And yes, he had created a new e-mail account, to bypass my blocking of the previous..

I can not lie. I can not pretend. This is a drop kick right in my heart….Β 

If I could write a response, it would look something like this:Β 

“Will you ever just stop with the torture?!”

I’m gonna go and have a movie marathon right now, to distract myself, so I am sorry if I get a bit delayed in my responses, if someone comments… Β Take care guys, and see you later.

Thank you for being there, blogging friends. It means a lot. ❀ I’m just weary now, real weary. But I’ll be fine again in the morning…