We have to make a stop in Glendalough and walk its surroundings. It was a monastery which was built some time in the 6th century

We are back with part 13 of our photo series, which has already taken us to various locations around the world! We may still have a part left of the Scotland series, who knows. But we are restless travellers so we take a break and skip over to Ireland for a bit.

Ireland will be 3 or 4 parts, so that you’ll have a little something to look forward to. Now, to get in the mood for this, I can recommend you a little song with an Irish feel to it. You find it here: Here  (Opens in new window). Since I’ve been in quite many nooks and crannies all over, I will try to name some of the locations for you. Now let’s explore and see if there is only lots of green stuff in Ireland, or if there’s a bit more to the place!


We take a little boat ride out to the Arran Islands



If we do some hiking we are bound to see lots of green meadows – especially lovely when the sun blesses us with its presence. See the beautiful horse, in his kingdom?



In Killarney National Park you can find this old castle ruin by a lake…



This was a pretty decent walk, about 7 miles or so. And lots of it uphill! (legs like boiled spaghetti afterwards..) Can you spot the little person on the bridge… quite far away though, so hard to see.. 



Now we are on the spectacular west coast, on the beautiful peninsula called Dingle.



Somewhere on the Dingle peninsula



We are back to Killarney National Park, one of my favorite places on Earth. Now, it’s not a very large National Park, but I’d still recommend to spend at least 3 days in this area, if you can. You will probably want to explore it a bit. You can walk several walks in the area, maybe take a boat ride.. And then there is the little town of Killarney next to it, where they have live music in some pubs… 



A quick stop in the town of Cobh. The woman (statue) here is Annie Moore, apparently the first immigrant to pass through the immigration facility in Ellis Island, New York Harbour, in 1892. The boys are her brothers. 


That’s it for today folks! Hope you enjoyed this part of the tour. Welcome back next time to explore more of the 💚Emerald Isle!💚

(All photos©SurvivedNarc)