Waiting For Godot is a play where Godot is a slow bastard, dragging his feet. And waiting for me to make my new Category go live, with my posts about dating, must have felt similar to my readers…. yeah, I may have been talking about trying online dating since… uhm, the Jurassic era? Well, now it’s happening. New Category up on my blog webpage – Reports From the Dating Jungle! 

Yes, I’ve registered to a datingsite. It’s just that.. I don’t know what to write on my profile, yet! This is where the S.O.S. to you, the readers, comes in. What do you think I should put down in a profile? Obviously, it has to be interesting enough to catch  a good man’s attention, while also being off-putting to narcissists and the like. At the same time, I do not want to lie, and pretend like “Oh, I’m just this happy-go-lucky person who never had a problem in her life”. I want to be “real”, at least as real as it can get, on a dating site…(And yes, I’ve previously seen people (especially men, for some reason), writing on their profiles that they’re looking for “women without emotional baggage”, and that always made me laugh… especially if they claim to be looking for women ages 35 and up…. Who comes with “no baggage” at all at that age and up, in life? Geez…)

So, I am grateful for any suggestions as to what I may put in my dating profile, that you think would indicate that “yes I have baggage, but I’m not a lunatic…“. I also would like to know: if you’re looking for a serious relationship, how to seem “not desperate” for it, in the presentation. I remember from past dating, that most were so very, very scared, that I would ask for “a real relationship”with them. So, I think it would be good to be clear with what I am looking for, and not. Otherwise I could end up setting up dates with people who have absolutely no intentions of being serious. Maybe honesty could scare off some of these types…

Oh, and any good advice about “waiting a while”, you can skip… 🙂 I already waited for more than a year after the relationship, for the narcissist… who never in these 14 months took any real action about healing things between us. So, as of today, he is dead to me. And I do need some flirtation with the male species… even if flirtation is as far as it goes for now, that is quite enough for me. I am just tired of sitting on the fence, looking at others living life, being loved, while I’m simply fading away and almost forgetting what love even looks like. I figure I at least should get back in the saddle and give it a few more tries. Even if love and I are strangers now, we used to be quite intimate, so I’m sure we could reconnect again…

Now, as an initial precaution, I’ve chosen not to share a photo of myself on the dating site. I am aware that might make 90% of the guys not interested… But I need to do this at my own pace… 🙂 I think this will give me a sense of control.. If I talk to someone nice, there may be an exchange of photos, in private messages.

You can tell what a novice I am, here. So, anyone has some advice? Just holler! 🙂 If you had some success phrases you used, (or catastrophic ones!), for your profile. Or just general advice (and lectures, ha ha), I’m all ears. I feel a tingle… this must be the year when I meet that someone that I’ve deserved to meet for 15 years, but didn’t…


I completely agree with character “Charlotte” from Sex and the City…! If he IS out there, he’s awfully late..! 

 Love/SurvivedNarc 💋