We admire the fiery colors of this flower and notice the water drops lingering on its petals


Welcome back to my photo series! (Recommended: absolutely wonderful, relaxing song played on the piano: Here). This time we take a break from the grandeur of the open wide landscapes (although I don’t know who would need a break from that, really?) and make our perspective a bit smaller.

Weary from travelling all around different places on the planet, we stop to stroll in a botanical garden! Since we are already in Ireland, as you noticed in the last part of the photo series, our natural stop is in the Botanical Garden of Dublin. Let’s decompress and have a look at the wonders of nature – in a man-made park! (That is the most lovely paradox, wouldn’t you agree).


We admire one of the two large greenhouses, built in an old fashioned style, and of which we see only a small part here



Inside the greenhouse we are met by an array of welcoming flowers of all shapes and colors



Hanging flowers everywhere tempt us to come closer…



Is that a fairy spaceship? We’ve entered a mysterious tropical room with strange species of plants that at least this viking from the North, has never seen before



After the tropical room, we need some fresh air, so we take a stroll in the park and are delighted to see this clearing dotted with white flowers



“I wanna lay you down in a bed of roses….  



…for tonight, I sleep on a bed of nails…” (Yes, he’s had his moments of beautiful words, that Bon Jovi fellow). 



Nature makes the most beautiful little “bells”, don’t you think? Church bells should look like this!



We stop at the greenhouse and buy some beauty-to-go! It feels lovely taking a part of all this with us as we leave. 


With resfreshed hearts and minds, let’s return to the hotel and go out for a nice dinner! What do you feel like eating? Some “veggie” food, perhaps? 😉 I hope you enjoyed this part of the tour and welcome back for the continued travels through Ireland, in the next part of the 💚Emerald Isle-series!💚


(All photos ©SurvivedNarc)