We go on a boat ride from the main island out to an island where there is not much more than a lighthouse and a restaurant…  and nice scenery! We opt for a guided walk aswell as exploring on our own..

Welcome back to my photography series of scenery from different places! We still have some lovely photos left to see from the series of Ireland and perhaps Scotland, too. But I was feeling homesick, or more like: longing for summer, here at home. So for the moment I will show you some places from summer in my home country, Sweden.

The Sweden series might make a return now and then. Today we visit a large island where many people go for vacation. If you go there, you need at least a week to explore it. I also present to you what is in my eyes (ears), a most beautiful instrumental version of our national anthem. It means a lot to me and it touches my heart somehow… If you like it too, let me know in comments! 🙂 You can find the song: Here

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When the boat has left we find a good viewpoint to admire the strange rock formation on the other side of the bay… it almost looks like a sharp jaw/chin.. perhaps Clint Eastwood’s, or some other tough cowboy’s?



We start walking to explore the island. We notice that much of the stony ground turns into a shiny white, in the sunshine, cause the ground/bedrock has a lot of limestone in it.



Wild meadow by the sea. We find a lot of poppies growing here and there



We make our way up on the rocks, to see the old lighthouse in the distance



A view down the rocks to the sea



A closer look at the rocks reveals that this is a popular nesting place for thousands of birds! Both the common ones and the more rare ones. I don’t know all the different species in English, but I am sure this is a birdwatcher’s paradise!



I believe they let cattle roam free here, cause there are so few people around on the island. But I did not see any on this day. (Better luck in an upcoming part of the photo series though!)… I love the serenity of the coast of this island… 



There is a lot of history to this island. In this cave they have excavated and unearthed thousands of Stone Age finds!



We go back to the main island and travel north, to find this lovely bohemian/older American style restaurant/pub with live music



Near the stage section they had painted this quote from a song by a singer named Robbie Robertson, but they replaced “Nick’s café” with the name of their restaurant… 🙂



I love the exterior of the old stone building of the restaurant… (notice their mailbox and the quote on it).

I hope you enjoyed this first glimpse of summer in Sweden! I will continue with some of the different photo series in the near future, so welcome back to have a look.  🙂


(All photos©survivednarc)