“Your eyes are incredible! I must say you really are the most beautiful I have seen in a very long time. You have such beautiful features. I hope you have a great personality, too”. (No comment on the text in my profile).

That was the initial part of a message I recently got on the dating site. Then this man went on and on about how he had lived abroad, and talked about how passionate and romantic he was. And serious, and careful… He claimed to have a house here aswell as abroad. He said he was 41 but his profile said 45… There was a photo of his house on his page. (It was gigantic). In the facts section on his profile he had elected financial status: “Do not have to work for money”. But in his message he said he had just now been working “around the clock”… (But he still has time to work out a lot…)

The photos of himself were not very sharp, you couldn’t really see anything other than that he had dark hair. (And that he had a drink in his hand). He had said in his message that he would gladly “send more pics”. (He had in fact first asked me to “please go to his page, to look at his photos”..). Then I noticed another photo on his profile, this photo looked like it was taken from a fashion magazine. It looked like a male model, about age 28-30… he had written that it was him, in a city abroad.

Oh, and to top his message off, he wrote as a last sentence in a P.S. that he “loves children”.

Do you get some narcissistic vibes? Or is that just me? All my alarm bells go off at once! Why?

“Embroidering” reality(?)/ (presenting an image/illusion of being a successful and “perfect” person) Is he 41 or 45, which is it? Can’t be too hard to tell the truth on such a simple matter now, can it? And why does he work constantly, if he doesn’t have to work for money? And the house(s), the money, the success, the… bragging… The photo of a younger male model, for crying out loud? 🙂

Love bombing: The clearly exaggerated and superficial flattery, seems designed to “draw me in”…

Painting an image of “a good person” (in a shallow way). I don’t know, but the way he claimed to be passionate and romantic, serious…. seemed so shallow to me, somehow, cause he didn’t elaborate on that, simply stated the qualities and that was that… Oh, and to throw in as a last line that he “loves children”, also seemed very fake to me… like: “See what a good person I am?”.. or something.

What do you think? Am I judging this guy too harshly, using my Narc-O-Meter?  Would you talk to a person like this, or click “next”? I have my opinion formed already, but I just thought it’d be fun to bring up an example of what you can encounter as a single lady on a dating site…

🙈 🙉 🙊Love/SurvivedNarc ❤ ❤ ❤