2016-02-11 11.45.14

A Caesar salad for dinner in a restaurant a while back, delicious!


2016-02-11 11.39.44.jpg

An amazing pasta salad I made the other day at home. Grilled halloumi cheese, peppers, red onion, garlic, pasta, honeyroasted walnuts and rucola salad! Oh and homemade vinegar dressing!

I am so bored at work, tedious day, and I am hungry! Starving! So I thought I would just share this old draft of some good food, with you all! 😊 Soon, in about 10 minutes, I will go for lunch with a colleague, soup with pancakes for dessert!!

I have rediscovered how much I really love cooking! As you may know as I have talked about it once before.. Β  I want to learn even more on how to cook better and healthier foods. I feel I am reclaiming this part of myself, after all the shit in the past… Β this makes me happy right now and I just wanted to share it with you guys! 😊