It has happened again… and I am almost too tired to get angry. Almost. (* A hoover is where a narcissist contacts you despite your wish to move on, their sole purpose to suck you back into their mind games).

It does anger me. The audacity. The lack of concern for me and my feelings. But I will keep quiet and not give the narcissist the satisfaction of a reply. Least of all an emotional one.

The narcissist (“Hero”), managed to get one message through to me. It read; “Hey, little sweetie. I hope you are alright? I am on the _______ trip. I will be back in a couple days.”

If you do not know the story of “Hero” and me, you might actually think the above message sweet. If you know the story, or if you know narcissists, you know what this means… more attempts at mind games…  sigh.

I will work harder at blocking access. Meanwhile, I want to take  the opportunity to thank all of you who have followed my stories about the nearly lethal narcissism/narcissist

We see each other, you and me who have both been through this, we confirm and care for one another as friends.

I promised to get back here on the blog as soon as I received any more of this BS…. and I do come to the blog now, as it helps me to write here instead of sending an angry reply to him..

Take care!  💞

(Image: shanethemainmanstock)