Soo, I kind of flirted with someone. For “a New York minute”. Don’t alert the media. This is only big news for me. As you may or may not know, I’ve been utterly underwhelmed by my first steps back into dating, or should I say online dating. No, I should say online window shopping. The items people on display there, haven’t tempted me one bit, into trying them on, even less into actually making a “purchase”. I don’t mean to objectify people here, but hey, that’s  the way the whole online dating is constructed. Everyone markets themselves as a good catch, concealing their flaws, etc. You barely know if you’re at the used cars dealer, or at a dating site. But I digress. Over to the actual topic. Should we talk about the evil one or the bad one, first, hmm, we’ll take the evil one. I’d sure like to get him out of my system as quickly as possible! 

Evil Boy

I was bored and decided to log onto the dating site. I unsuspectingly clicked a message from someone whom I hadn’t chatted to before. It turns out that this guy had previously tried to contact me. Plenty of other guys had done the same thing, in the last few weeks, and I hadn’t replied to any of them, either. But this guy apparently felt so angry about me not replying, he had to write me about it. In the message, he complained about how people overrated their own worth at the dating site. (He used the word: Lol, as to imply he was laughing about the whole thing, finding it ridiculous). He went on about how he was way out of my league, and how he would never have considered someone like me, but he’d felt “kind”. So he had “lowered his standards” enough to approach me. He said that they should only allow serious people into the site and not those only trolling for compliments.

I looked at this guy’s photo again and sure, he wasn’t ugly. He wasn’t the most good-looking guy I’ve ever seen, either. Some might find him attractive, I had just thought at the time; he didn’t look like my type. I also remembered his presentation and recalled that I hadn’t found it interesting. Now I knew that his inside could be really ugly, though. Good to know.

I know I shouldn’t take any harsh comments to heart, that a complete stranger says out of bitterness. But I couldn’t help it, it seeped in, and made me feel a little ugly that day. Like his inner ugliness had rubbed off on me, somehow. I was happy to notice though, that I could quickly separate the two of us, and think: Wow, he must really be unhappy, to spew out a comment like that, hoping to make a stranger feel bad about themselves. Frankly, I thought this unprovoked “attack” was a little scary, too. It seemed so.. hateful. I would have pressed the button “report”, to make the site aware of this person, but I didn’t. If he was this angry just from not getting a reply, I didn’t want to risk any more possible involvement with him whatsoever. So, I simply pressed “Block”, so he can no longer see my page….  in the terms of my dear blogging friend SamLobos; #CrayCray avoided!

Bad Boy

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So, Bad boy and me flirted for like two seconds, yesterday. Physically, he is a mix, like if you would take these two men in the photos in this post, and put them in a blender! Um, that sounded wrong, but you get the “picture”! 🙂

Bad boy does not have a presentation, and that is usually a bad sign, in my book. But he explained that he was new to the site, just checking it out, to see if he would put up a presentation, or if he would quit the site. Fair enough, I’ll see what happens with that. I think I already know all the reasons why Bad boy is wrong for me. Number one, this guy actually is way too good-looking for me. Men who are very good-looking, in my experience, know it, and are usually therefore douche bags/players/potential narcissists. (Well, not “mr. X”, but he is sort of the exception to that rule). That is my prejudice based on my experiences, so that’s my story and I’ sticking to it! Number two: He looks like a bad boy, and when was that ever a good thing…? I’m still going to allow myself to have a flirt with him, if he writes again. Simply because he’s been the only one to give me a few butterflies in my stomach. That’s no small thing, considering I’ve now watched hundreds of profiles on the site… without so much as a tingle in my pinky toe!

And, as they say: Do not judge the book by its covers, right? I can’t be all prejudiced and harsh, and write Bad boy off instantly, just because he “could be” this or that. Then I wouldn’t be any better than Evil boy, now would I? So, I am rolling with: “Well, Bad boy, you could be a bad boy. But feel free to show me that you’re something else entirely…”

💓Love & Peace /Survived💓