So, the phone just rang. Conveniently enough, it rang just as I sat down wanting to blog about something, but not sure what. It was mr. Male Nurse on the phone! (From Holy Moly…). Oh, I promise I have a better alias in mind for him, that I’ll perhaps use here, in the future. (But only if he should become a part of my life. For now, he is stuck with mr. Male Nurse).

He said he had managed to get the day off from work, for our date. So we planned things.

Mr. Male Nurse said he had looked at some options for movies and restaurants. He then went on to say: “But first, is there anything in particular you would like?”. I told him the name of a restaurant I like. Then we talked about movies and I said I had no idea what’s playing in cinemas right now. He mentioned a few movies. He was very open to my thoughts and we ended up with both the movie I liked, and the restaurant I had mentioned.

He offered to book the table and buy the movie tickets online. The tickets for the weekend movies, oddly enough, aren’t released until Wednesday. (Very strange system, I know, don’t ask me why). Anyway, mr. Male Nurse said: “Should I get back to you on Wednesday then, when I’ve made the reservations?”. I said yes, that would be nice.

I said that he should come prepared, cause I’ll have many questions for him. He said “That’s ok. I am very ‘un-secretive’. You can ask me anything”. (Un-secretive is probably not a word in English; it’s not a word in my language either, he just sort of “made it up” in the moment. I loved that! 🙂 )

I asked him what his friend had said, the one who was with him when I had texted him. He said the friend hadn’t asked who texted him. He proceeded to say: “But I told my friend; that I had met this girl, and that this was a text I had been sort of hoping for“.

I got this warm feeling again inside, during our phone conversation. I caught myself smiling. He was so easy to talk to. There was no… resistance. No insecurity. I hardly remember how that could feel…. Last time I’ve felt such smooth sailing with a man right from the beginning, was with mr. X… And, that beginning was around….9 years ago…!

I think I said: “That will be fun./That will be great”. About ten times. I am SO bad at this! Out of practice. So I told him I get nervous in the beginning, getting to know someone new. He said, in a relaxed way: “I think that’s very ‘human’. We all just want people to know the real ‘us’ “.

So now, I guess half of me is just waiting for the red flags to pop up and start waving in the wind…. 

The other half of me is really excited and curious!  

Love/ Survived 💚