“Eat Whatever I Want – Lunch”: Sandwich with “Luxury shrimp”, avocado, hard-boiled egg halves, aioli with saffron in it, lemons… Oh, that is not wine, it’s blackcurrant juice!

Since I’ve been a “work machine” at my job the last few months, I figured I’d take this day to take care of myself. How often do we do that? Especially if we have been through a destructive relationship, or other rough patch in our lives, I’d say not that often. So I’ll tell you about the little things I did today, to make it all about me… Β (Ah, that was so long ago, wonderful feeling!)Β 

First, I went to the hair salon, and got my hair done. I seriously haven’t had time to do that in months, since, well, that salon is booked up weeks in advance. And they’re basically almost only open during office hours = even harder to get an appointment, cause of work. And my hair needed some love, badly! It looked like a.. what do you say in English? In my country, we say “crow’s nest”, when the hair gets really bad. Β πŸ™‚ Now, this week, I got the option to work at home, so I figured I’d get a lot of “my stuff” done during the days, and work more at nights, instead. (I’m a night owl, so it fits me perfectly!)

After my hair was done, I went to the gym, pretty close to the salon. Worked out a bit, not many people there during office hours = nice and calm. Great music. Relaxing. My muscles ache now, in a good way.

On my way home, I thought: I’m gonna treat myself, to eat whatever I want today! But not pizza or some crap, it has to be something more, “real-food-like”, but without the cooking part! So, I bought home some “luxury” shrimp and stuff to go with that, and made two really tasty shrimp sandwiches. The reason I had two sandwiches was, I woke up too late, so I missed breakfast…

Tonight I am going to do a facial treatment, at home. (While working on my computer!) I have one of those inexpensive facial masks that you only use once, it comes in a little bag. It only cost like 3 dollars, or so. It has chocolate in it! I didn’t really know chocolate was good for putting anywhere else than in your mouth, but hey, it’s chocolate, so I trust it!

What do you do for self-care? When was the last time you took a day for yourself, to treat yourself, do things that are healthy for your body, or soul, or both? Is it just me, or are our lives so stressful, so that we forget ourselves and our own needs?


After the salon. Since my blog is supposed to be anonymous, I had to make that weird cloudy heart thing over my face…(I know, it looks a bit creepy, right? Like those psychos in movies who collect a thousand pictures of one person, and then paints over the faces on the photos..lol!) But the photo was about the hair style, anyway..

Self-care can be about so many abstract things, but I thought I’d just share this little day in my life, for a bit of practical inspiration. Self-care doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be little things we do in our everyday lives. I feel so much better after this day, I tell you. Now I’m gonna have a little nap, and then it’s work, work, work… Β Oh, can I ask you a very girlie girl – question, which is veryΒ unlike me to ask: What do you think about my “new hair”? Β πŸ™‚ Β /SurvivedΒ πŸ’‹

(Inspiration credits go to “LearningToLiveLikeWater” and “SamLobos”, for their recent posts about self-care, and self-worth)!Β πŸ’œ