Like when the sun sends it first warming rays in the spring, this little award nomination shone down on me recently!

It came from no other than the great blogger and friend “Laurel The Lioness”, as she is commonly known now, here in blogland. You should check out Her Blog. She is a survivor of abuse and a talented storyteller aswell! Thanks, L!


  1.  Display Award
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  3.  Share seven facts about yourself
  4.  Nominate up to 10 other bloggers


  1. I have once been one of several winners in a poetry contest.
  2. After I won the poetry contest, I did not write anything “creative” for 17 years…
  3. …except for shortly after the poetry contest when I wrote about 30 pages which was supposed to be the beginning of a novel… after that, I just quit. Until now, when I torture my readers with random poems every other week here on the blog…
  4. I used to be quite good at riding horses, when I was young.
  5. I love being in nature, more than anything. I would like to live in a house in the countryside, preferably with some mountains nearby. Mountains give my soul peace like nothing else.
  6. My surname comes from an ancient minority of people here…they have a different language and look completely different than the rest of the population.. They are an old tribe who lived here in the Northern Scandinavia, way before anyone else wandered up here. My ancestors did live in primitive huts and keep reindeer, (just like in my poem which you can find here, if you haven’t read it).
  7. I make some mean Swedish meatballs!


  1. ComplainingIsAnArtForm Christian is a new blogging aquaintance and my only regret is that I haven’t had time to read more of his blog. He writes about his new life in Seattle, relationships, love. He has wonderful blog categories: Heart/Sleeve, OKStupid, NeverAGroom, etc. Christian feels like “me”, sort of, had I been male and a bit more cool…  🙂
  2. ABlogAboutHealingFromPTSD exactly what it sounds like. The lady, Linda, is a survivor and a wonderful new aquaintance! I love to read her story.
  3. Anynomous164 writes about overcoming a tough background, about love, family, poverty, life. I love the personal style in these writings!
  4. DivorceWithMe A woman’s perspective of a divorce, and being lucky enough to find love again! Truly inspirational for me, I really enjoy reading all her updates.
  5. MarkMyWords Mark writes about his struggle to leave an unhappy relationship. Mark is stronger than he knows. (I’ll just have to keep nominating you, Mark, until you finally write a nomination blog post… ;))
  6. MyJourneyIntoDarkness The lovely Laurel, surviving so much, and also a person who I believe is sooo much stronger than she knows! I LOVE her story about “Old Joe”. (Laurel, we might have to stop this circle of nominating each other?… 😉 )
  7. LearningToLiveLikeWater I just so much enjoy her everyday updates about life and love, relationships, gratitude, hope, and a bucnh of other stuff! Deb, your blog should have a warning sign; it’s addictive!
  8. FindingMyWayHome Much like no.7, this blog is also addictive, like reading someone else’s journal! Megan, I am hooked reading about your life, trials and hope and love.
  9. TheShamefulSheep A girl who really brightens up the Reader with lots of humor in her posts. I think this is what my funny alter ego would be like… if I had one…  🙂
  10. LifeAndTheUniverse Simon is like that guy when you’re at a party. You know, the guy who never gets boring to talk to. Simon updates my Reader with news from Nasa about space, mixed with songs, mixed quotes, mixed with… a little bit of everything!