This is a beautiful, short video love story (2 mins), that sort of summarizes my whole love for a narcissist in the past…. With great music to go along with the story! (It doesn’t hurt that there is a Swedish actor in it, too, very easy on the eyes!)

The only differences I can see in this story, compared to mine, are basically: the narcissistic ex was a) Not a real vampire (only an “emotional vampire”…) and b) He didn’t kill anyone physically (as far as I know…although he almost managed to kill several womens’ souls, including my own…).

I might get back to this story later, make a “longer version” out of it.. delve deeper into the intricacies and more profound meaning of it… Why? Because I think it is so important that we understand how and why we love the narcissist…

I hope you enjoy! This is romantic, sad, heartbreaking, passionate… clarifying… all in one little two minute story. Amazing. (All credits to creators of True Blood, and to the talented maker of this video).