A first sight of the impressive Cliffs of Moher – notice the tower on top and how ant-size it becomes next to the cliffs!

Welcome back to my photo series! I bet you thought it had disappeared altogether! Oh no, we still have a lot of beauty in this world to explore together. If you are new to my blog, feel free to look at all my other photos, in my photo category, which you can find: Here.

We are back in Ireland, cause there is just so much to experience there! This probably won’t be the last post of the Ireland series, I may just have photos for one more part, lying around somewhere. But, off we go now, to some more sights of the Emerald Isle!


We take a horse and carriage ride through the first part of Killarney National Park



On a long walk through the outer limits of Killarney National Park – can you spot the miniature people in the distance?



Boat ride through all the lakes of Killarney National Park



Visiting a fellow who produces glass, yes by hand!



…and his products.. you may recognize them, it is the quite famous Waterford Crystal!!!



Passing through a spectacular coastline in the ring of Kerry



Also passing by a cemetery looking scary in rough weather – celtic cross seen here



390 ft above the water, they rise, proud and beautiful in the sunshine. At their highest point, they are 702 ft. Now we finally get a closer look at Cliffs of Moher, which we saw in the first photo. Their Irish name is: Aillte an Mhothair, referring to an old fort.



Well, you gotta love the Irish government for putting up a few walls and warning signs (only in some selected spots of course ), telling us not to get too close to the edge. Sound advice! 



Look at all those boats in this little marina… We say goodnight to Ireland for now, and keep on exploring another day! 

I hope you liked this part of the Ireland series, I might get back with one last part of the photos from Ireland! And oh, I have a few more really nice photos from Scotland and Sweden, too. So I hope you come back for those. See you around!



(All photos ©survivednarc)