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When I lived in her body, in times of old
Mercy was meant for mothers alone
Still, your deeds froze veins; my blood ran cold

Those days, I would see you hang
From the stern of our wooden warship
Oars in rhythm when oarsmen sang;

lulling you to eternal sleep
For treason was paid with one coin alone;
a North Sea grave, unforgiving deep


Fifteen lifetimes to your name;
No lesson learned, no remorse shown
Still in your soul, evil’s the same

Revenge and rage run in my blood
O, To talk no more; to let axe fall
To see you on your knees in mud


In my many lives, unlike you
I learnt of mercy; to stay my hand
Evil like yours, no blade can cut through

But time draws near, for your final doom
from the forces above; all-seeing eyes
Cries for mercy, echo in empty rooms

Through flesh and bone and soul, at last
Remorse shall run its bitter blade;
one cut for each ill deed in your past


(textΒ©SurvivedNarc, image fromΒ here)