In a neighbourhood bar,
devoid of service, but not far
no longer man or woman
only marked by grief,
a small figure, a person, will hide
Red wine replaces the tide..

…coming, crimson surge abides
Smothers and soothes all that pain
Tide far darker than blood
overflows, invades the brain

Barkeep sweeps the floors from sorrow
In here, exists no tomorrow
Invisible tears on tables, despite
someone wiping, cleaning them bright

Euphoria enters, an old welcome guest
takes on suffering at your behest
Tide recedes into the sea
No one left, save you and me



(TextΒ Β©SurvivedNarc)

——— —————————————————————-

*Just a poem that fell into my head;
which is why I remind my friends not to
think my poetry is my real life;
it is just a symbol of everything I see,
seek, feel, and perceive…. Β Much love
to all friends here.