An old-fashioned photo to capture these beautiful contrasts of light and darkness. I named this lake “Silver Lake”.


Welcome back to the last part of the Scotland photo series! Just a quick last look around before we leave.  


The problem with Scotland is that along the way, you always find yet another place at the horizon, that you want to have a look at. I want to go to that mountain in the distance…



Waterfall in a forest



A visit to another beautiful castle



We stop in the valley of Glencoe. Up there among the clouds is The Lost Valley. You can hike up there for great views. You can drive through on the little “main road” through Glencoe. But there are tons of great hikes and vistas in this area. So you will sort of be missing out if you just drive through it.



Another angle to show Glencoe. (“Glen” means valley in Scotland. Specifically the U-shaped valleys that are so characteristic here since the ice age). Some people here enjoying a viewpoint.



Left breathless from the vistas so far, we stop at a small lake and enjoy the sight of swans (If you have noticed I like swans, you have been following me for a while! ;)) Look at  the one swan approaching the others; is he friend or foe? Are the others nervous or glad to see him?



We make one more stop at the famous scenery out on Isle of Skye.



We say goodbye to Isle of Skye and its dramatic “Skye”  😉


We leave with a bit of sorrow in our hearts, but we will always remember the magic land that is Scotland, with its rainbows, castles, mountains, forests and mirror lakes. Now, we make our last visit to Ireland and the photos from there, next time. Although I truly love Ireland too, there is just something about this wild and dramatic beauty, that keeps me coming back to Scotland. A piece of my heart is always there.

See you next time! I hope you enjoyed this farewell tour today!


(All photos ©SurvivedNarc)