Yes, this post is for you! Why you? Because I just reached 200 followers on WordPress, they kindly informed me! Now, that may not seem like a lot to bloggers who have thousands and thousands of followers, but to lil’ ol’ me, it is amazing! And I’ll tell you why!

What difference does it make? You see, to me, you make all the difference in the world! When I started this blog, I hardly believed anyone would read it at all. I created it only as an outlet to talk about my broken narcissistic relationship. To process that, for myself. With time it grew into experimenting with poetry, photography, journalling and talking about dating and life in general.

It has turned into something I would never dare dream of, people who read, comment on, and like, my posts. And I have gotten to know many amazing bloggers along the way. People whom I now consider friends! You light up my life in ways you can never imagine! All your support means more to me than I can say, in my long road to recovery after the last few years of struggles.

Now, I’m not delusional, I do not believe that 200 people sit glued to my blog page and read every blog post religiously…. (Or, do you…?  😉 ) I myself do not have time to keep up with reading every blog post, always. But, I am just glad for the fact that at some point, all of these 200 people looked at my blog and thought: I want to see more of that, and clicked “follow”. I have always tried to “follow” you all right back! So, I now follow over 200 blogs, although sadly I do not have time to read all of them, all the time. (I work full time). But, I do my best to keep up!

So, I just want to thank you all. Just thank you, for existing.
Now, later today, I will post yet another one of my “poetry experiments”. It may be quite “dark”, but no worries, it is all part of the cleansing of the soul, that we talked about previously, remember? 🙂 So do not think that I am sat in a dark corner crying, when I publish that. It is a scheduled post (don’t you just love that you can schedule your posts? How great is that?), so while it publishes, I am actually in a “happy place”… off to see my brother, to plan an upcoming trip. That being said, yes, I did have some excruciating moments of grief, when I wrote that poem, I won’t deny that. Light and darkness, they take turns in my life right now….

Anyway, thank you again, for being here with me, in “Blogland”! Love/SurvivedNarc



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