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(*Warning: Some content of sexual nature, not intended for minors*) You can find part 1: Here. Welcome to part 2, this Sunday it is a bit of a longer read, for a relaxed Sunday afternoon. 

With a gasp, Adele dropped the piece of paper she had picked up, onto the floor. She had seen Kenneth’s name on it! He had left his business card on her table. She hadn’t noticed before. Well, she had been distracted then, by that idiotic kiss. That… wonderful kiss, she thought, her cheeks turning hot. Adele picked up the business card and read his last name: Sawyer. Without stopping to think, she decided to call him. She dialed the numbers on the card. Suddenly her heart was racing, like when she was a little girl, riding the horses in gallop at Gran’s farm…

“I must be out of my mind”! Adele thought. What would he think of her, calling him so soon? Perhaps he would think she was “unstable”, changing her mind from one second to the next. Adele suddenly wanted to cry, something she hadn’t done in years. She would hate for Kenneth to think she was a fickle person. Adele was about to hang up, when she suddenly heard a warm voice: “Hello”?

“Yes… hello. This is Adele, I mean, miss Harper”. There was a pause. “…The will of my relative, that you informed me of..?”, she added, nervously. “Yes. I know who you are, Adele”, Kenneth said in an amused tone. Adele knew she had lost her mind, when she said: “Well, something happened when you were here. And I think we should talk about that. In person, as soon as possible. I wouldn’t want you to get the wrong idea about me”.

“Of course. I am your humble servant. I will be there in… two hours?” Kenneth replied. She could almost hear him smile, through the phone. Adele nodded, but quickly realized she had forgotten to answer verbally, too: “Er.. Yes. In two hours”. They hung up.

Adele was worried, was she about to have a cardiac arrest? There was something wrong with her heart, not like a galloping horse anymore, this was a runaway beast, and she had no idea how to stop it. Adele tried to prepare herself: She told herself to stay calm and not become a babbling fool, once he turned up. That was number one. Number two was, she had to look as good as possible! Adele was shocked by her thoughts and actions. It was like she was seeing herself from the outside. This was another woman, in a novel or a movie, preparing to meet a stranger.

Adele didn’t wear a lot of makeup in her everyday life. After all, she didn’t work anymore, except for her charity work and her writing. Still, she kept buying the best brands of makeup. It felt hopeful in a way, to do so. As if she could just make herself look nice and go to a great party, or meet a wonderful man. She could perhaps become someone else, if she wanted to.

Adele started applying her makeup but felt her hands trembling. She had one glass of Scotch and finished the makeup, with a steady hand. Then she changed into a pale blue summer dress, which provided a nice contrast against her tan. Adele liked to work in her garden, and it showed in her beautiful sunkissed skin tone. She felt pleased about that while she gazed dreamingly out the window for a moment, humming along with the record that was playing. Songs from her youth….hers and his. She smiled.

Adele had barely finished her preparations when she heard the knock on the door. She went to open. Kenneth was there, smiling again. Of course he was, she sighed to herself. He had changed his shirt, she noticed. And perhaps even showered and shaved. You shine up like a new penny, she wanted to joke. She had no nerves for jokes, so she just invited him in. They entered her living room.

For the second time that day, she asked if he wanted a drink. He shook his head.
There were no more words to be said. Words could barely cut through this thick, hot air anyway . As Adele felt her whole body weaken, she silently wondered if the air conditioner was on. It was, she remembered. She wondered how the air could then be almost suffocating her. She finished her thought just as Kenneth stepped towards her and cupped her face in his hands. He looked her straight in the eyes. There was no escape anymore. She knew it. Still, something was screaming inside, that she wasn’t supposed to do this. Adele had promised herself, that no man would ever rule her again. Hurt her again. That was the whole reason she had built this fortress, behind a screen door.

Kenneth didn’t wait for her to protest. He kissed her. But his kiss was soft. She liked that he held back. But his hands had moved, down to her back. He stroked her up and down, along her back. They started moving a little to the music, still in each other’s arms. A slow dance, of sorts. The sun had begun to sink in the late afternoon and its lingering rays filled her living room with a warm, golden light. Kenneth pulled her closer. It was clear to her, even after all her years of absence from this aspect of life, that Kenneth wanted her, with all his being. And that he was only holding back his physical expressions because he could sense her insecurity.

That insight made the gates of Adele’s heart suddenly fly open, as if a hurricane had passed by. Adele knew she couldn’t resist, it would be pointless. She didn’t care what would happen after this, as long as he would just be near her now. As close as two people can be….

Her kisses suddenly became deeper, she let her tongue meet his, in the ancient human battle of desire. She could sense him aching for her. Their kisses were red, black, wild, out of control. She felt herself biting his lip, softly. Or was it the other way around… Adele saw white dots explode behind her closed eyelids and didn’t understand; she had never felt a force like this before. It was as much use resisting this, as trying to stop an earthquake. The scent of him, his body, was intoxicating. It was as if it entered her bloodstream and mixed with the Scotch she had drunk, for courage. The mix created a sort of high she had only ever heard about from others. She wanted to taste his irresistible scent, if possible. He looked at her, again with a question in his eyes. When her reply was another kiss, Kenneth reached his limit. He lifted her up, into his arms, like a groom with his bride. Adele’s figure was slender and she was shorter than him, so her weight was like that of a feather, to him.

They entered the bedroom, which rested in semidarkness, lit by a single candle on the dresser. The whole room was filled with the fragrance of magnolia, flowers which Adele usually kept in a bowl of water by the window.

Kenneth gently put her down on the bed. He started undressing her, very slowly. Once again, she felt he gave her a chance to back out… At this thought, Adele’s heart almost burst, as though it could not possibly contain this much emotion, inside. Adele was now defenseless in front of another human being, in a way she had never been before. She laid back against the cool sheets and pillows and he began his exploring. His mouth and fingers were everywhere, he kissed and caressed her neck, her shoulders, her breasts… He only stopped once, to whisper: “How can you be so beautiful….”, his breath hot against her skin, his mouth wandering down, towards her hips. His palms had a certain roughness to them, but strangely enough his touch was still like the most delicate silk scarf, against her naked skin.

Adele had lost all logical thinking, she only wanted him to finally set her free. Free from this cold prison she had shut herself in, for so long. And he would. He looked her in the eyes once again. His eyes now shifted into the darkest shade of green, like the mountain lakes where Adele grew up.

And Kenneth took a leap, without hesitation. Into the secret and dark waters of her, he fell, searched, explored, with the thirsty tongue of a man lost in the desert. Adele could not remember that any man had pleasured her like that, so selflessly. For a second that made her anxious. But then she saw his face, now between her thighs…his facial expression radiating pure pleasure, and she understood: it wasn’t only for her. He actually enjoyed doing this for her. That burst open all the remaining locks which had kept Adele’s soul prisoner, and she let go. She let him do what he would, and closed her eyes. He squeezed her hand, and she knew. She knew this was… life. Adele felt every movement of his tongue and lips, and all the thousands of jolts of pleasure. He continued until she felt she was about to faint. Adele suddenly forgot a breath or two, locked his hand in an iron grip, in a climax she thought would never end. Everything went dark around her, she was only aware of his mouth against her body. The rest of the world had disappeared.

Kenneth took her in his arms afterwards, as her body was still trembling. He stroked her hair and kissed her forehead. She thought it was lucky the room was so dimly lit. He couldn’t see her blushing. She suddenly remembered how she grew up. All those values. Restraints. Moral shackles… Now all broken, but still lingering in her mind.
She wondered about the way he stroked her hair. Did that mean he felt something for her? Or was this something he did every week, with different women?

His breathing was so slow and calm, like he had given all of himself and needed rest. Adele felt insecure: What would happen next? She knew he had already conquered her body, in a way. What’s worse was: he had sneaked into her heart aswell; a thief in the night. Yet she had no way of knowing what he felt. Adele panicked. Had she ruined everything, by surrendering this easily? She knew better than to press the matter right now, with questions. So she tried to relax, her heart out of its normal rhythm for a long time. She finally fell asleep in his arms. A restless sleep, with dreams of what love had been to her. People who abandoned you, always. She woke up a few times during the night. Each time, she felt Kenneth’s arms around her. She finally woke again and it was morning. With her eyes still closed, she reached for Kenneth. But her hands found only sheets. The bed was empty.


To be continued…