You know when you love something so bad it almost hurts inside? That’s how much I love the epic “Game of Thrones”, the TV show (and the books! Thousands of pages!). So…Is he or isn’t he? Dead, that is. Jon Snow, the lord commander of The Night’s Watch. Only 5 days left to find out! Nerd alert for this post. I know…

But, in the words of Cat Stevens: I can’t keep it in! Even if I will be the only one to ever see this blog post, ha! At least I get to save some nice pics of my TV boyfriend.

After waiting impatiently (for a year!) along with millions of other fans, we’re finally going to get some answers about Jon Snow, if he lives or he if he did truly die, in the previous season finale’s brutal attack against him. The internet has been buzzing with rumours and articles and the theory is that they will bring him back to life.

ladda ned (3)

Did you know that an IT-company in the UK has given their employees a half-day off on Monday the 25th of April? Because of the different time zones, when the season premiere airs in the US. So the UK employees at that firm can stay up real late Sunday night, to catch the premiere! Perhaps now you understand my love for Game of Thrones a bit better, what an impact it can have!


People all over the world wide web cried, raged and protested last season, when Jon Snow was betrayed and stabbed…Cause Jon Snow is A.Good.Man. And it seems people need that, in the times we live in. People simply need him to live. Plus, I have a crush on him, of course! (I know, I sound like I’ve regressed to twelve years old again. I’m ok with that!).  🙂

So, if you haven’t seen Game of Thrones, watch it, all the seasons! It has everything: drama, passion, love, friendships, war, intrigues, politics, beautiful filming, great actors, adventure, striking scenery. It can get a little bit violent at times, but I always look away, when that happens…. If you already are a GoT-fan: now begins the countdown ’til Sunday! A little bit of “eye candy” until then:

Do you love someone on GoT already? Will you watch GoT? Do you think Jon Snow will come back, and if so, how? Or do you have another “TV boyfriend/girlfriend”? Please share. There’s no shame here at my blog!

“Winter is coming”! 🙂  Love/SurvivedNarc – “Stark”!


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