Yes, I think this quote is appropriate for a Monday, for a situation where you are perhaps struggling….or for me, as I have just had a “run-in” with the narc. Instead of dwelling on that and falling into despair, like I always used to, I will sit and soak in this quote until my soul is marinated in it, yes!Β 

And, I will also post something which I found a bit funny, actually! Isn’t that a great sign of healing, wouldn’t you say? When you find yourself in a situation that is utterly frustrating and sad, but instead of falling down on your knees crying, you start laughing at the whole thing? I’d like to think so. But perhaps I am wrong, perhaps the “laughing at misery”, could also be the first sign of insanity? πŸ™‚ Nah, I choose the positive interpretation today! The quote that follows now, is one I sort of just stumbled across and it was just SO fitting. I thought when I read it: Wow! That is the sort of apologies I have just heard, and also before, so many times…. and then I actually thought “lol”. πŸ™‚ Here goes:


I am deliberately not going into details of the “run-in” with the narc. Simply because I refuse to give him any more space in my blog posts, right now. And I refuse to let him matter more than being mentioned in a couple of short sentences, here.

This post is about us, you and me, how we can get inspired, to heal, to move on, to make the ones who hurt us as insignificant as possible in our lives! We are enough, remember that. We are lovable, even if one person in the world could not love us. We have a good future ahead of us, that is what I want to believe and focus on, today!

I feel my own voice and my own power returning to me, yet another little piece of my old self has re-surfaced, within me. I feel it is as real as if it were my own, physical heartbeat. I rememberΒ now, how I used to be strong, how I used to endure many other pains and losses in this life, and how I always bounced back. There is power to be drawn from such memories! Yes. I may become broken once in a while, but never down and out. I remember that line from a song, you know, “I get knocked down, but I get up again, you’re never gonna keep me down!” That is sort of how I feel today. And it is a great feeling! Kind of “new”, to me, I must say.


“Don’t let the bastards get you down!”

Love / SurvivedNarc