For the convience of my readers/fellow “bloggies”, you can now follow me on Twitter/Facebook. All my posts are now automatically published on Facebook, (on Twitter, a blog link will show up). Link To My Facebook Here, and Link To My Twitter Here. (Handle:@SurvivedNarc, isn’t that a great Twitter name, haha).

I even managed to put up those 2 little social media icons on my blog itself, so you don’t 59412ff330977ff656b88bd6b470f015.jpghave to go back and look for this particular blog post, if you want to connect with me later on. Just visit my blog and press the two little FB/Twitter buttons in the header image, and it links you there. (Yes. This is all like sci-fi to me! Probably not to most people).

I’ve no idea what will come of this, but I can imagine some people follow stuff through social media. So perhaps I made someone’s blog life easier, who knows. 🙂

Another advantage is, seeing as I’ve become blogger friends with quite a few of myee5104d56d27b74a59ea5fe2687a9850 (1) bloggies here, you now have an easier way of sending me private messages, on FB/Twitter, should you ever wish to. (And no, you don’t have to be shy and wonder if you count as my “friend” or not, I’m happy to hear from everyone who reads my blog. You are all friends, in my eyes! 🙂 )

Who would have thought, right? I, who consider myself quite an “old school” person when it comes to these things! But, SurvivedNarc must also adapt and evolve, right? (Darwin and all that!) But, I’ll remain a “Romantic@Heart”, as you can see in the images of this post.

Oh, I may occasionally “tweet” some random thoughts on Twitter, like “Wow, the mailman was HOT today“! or “God, I have writer’s block“! or any other weird/random thought, (or put some photos on FB), that doesn’t quite fit on the blog.
And, same as here, if you follow me on FB or Twitter, I’ll try to follow you right back. 🙂

Now, I have to remain anonymous on social media aswell, because of You Know Who. But I still see it as a great way to get more connected with you!

Lastly, for your convenience, I’ll also put up my two latest posts here, if you missed them: Tears of The Wind, a short poem, also my first experiment publishing a post to FB/Twitter, to see if the links worked, or if it was pure sci-fi! And “Sneaky” Gets You Past The Guards@The Gate, latest update on the narcissist ex.

I think most people have seen them, but, I’ve blogged quite a lot the last few days, so just in case anyone wanted to catch up.

See you here, or there, or anywhere!   Love/Survived 💜