Since I was close to Death a week ago, perhaps you’ll want to hear my survival story. Even if I’m “just a cat”. Cause I have a story of miracles and hope to tell y’all. From image 1, you see I’m “guest meowing” on mom’s blog. I heard some of you guys cared how I fared… Here’s my story as thanks!

20160520_063007I was close to Death. Boy, that gets to you! Mom took me to Evil Doctor‘s office. They tortured me with some kind of voodoo needle! I could see mom was scared. I understand that’s why she took me there.

She held me.. talked “baby talk”. Even if that’s sort of ridiculous, it also calmed me. Cause I was afraid. I couldn’t eat at all and felt my strength slipping away, hour by hour…

I’m old. Like, really old. I’m 88. Feeling it in my bones. But you know what? I wasn’t ready to go yet. And I’ll tell you the reasons. Well, of course, because of mom. I saw the sadness in her eyes.20160525_130200.jpg

But that’s not the whole story. I don’t want to leave her, either…

It’s true she fed me by hand at first, after I was sick. I didn’t like that at all, but accepted, cause it was done out of love.

But, the strangest thing; as I got that first food in me again, something changed. I wanted to live. Let’s face it, we’ve no idea what’s waiting on the other side! And I’d much rather be here with mom. I really do love her, even if I can’t say it. I still show it, bumping my head against hers. Now, that’s love, if you were confused, folks!

One more thing; life’s simply great. I may have a simple life; I like watching the world from a window, cuddling, and eating. But I appreciate all that! Especially knowing some day it could all be gone, then who knows where I’ll be. Chances are it would be dark, lonely. So I’d rather stay alive, as long as possible.

I know you humans have so many problems. I see, from all the time you spend on the computers, these white/blue screens.

But what if you looked at it…”simply”; You’re here, breathing, eating good food, able to get a hug from someone, (even if only from a smaller being, like me) you get to watch the blue skies; inhale all the scents of the world. You can survive against all odds, like me. Even have a little slice of happiness. Now, that ain’t too shoddy, if you ask someone returning from the brink of Death.

I’ll even eat the “special food” mom’s giving me. Just to be able to stick around!


If I give her “sad eyes” I’ll surely get a treat!

I’m just saying. Your life can change too. But just hang on to it. Cause who knows: is this the one chance we get? After Evil Doctor‘s office, I say; cherish it, while you still can! I know I will.

Now you’ll have to excuse me, I must take my fourth nap of the day. Just remember; if you’re alive, there’s still hope! I’m living proof. Thanks for listening. Meow! 😸💕