When I arrived, some men were swimming in the lake already. They looked nice, I mean the lake looked nice!!  🙂


This peculiar post is from a day by the lake. Post contains a loving couple (who are not human), and a fake flying saucer…. I know, I’m weird. But to be fair, it was a bit of an odd day. Or maybe it’s the “writer” in me… a family member always says: “You have such a crazy imagination”! Perhaps the crazy part is right….

The weather was amazing when I went to The Lake; where I spent a lot of time as a child, in the summers. I’ll tell you my little stories from the day, or more like weird, random thoughts…  I hadn’t been there in years, but it’s not far, perhaps an hour away. So I went just to check it out and relax.


This dog was the happiest dog I’ve seen for a long time. 🙂 He had his own little rock, where he could go and jump in the water.



Nice view to the other side. I’ve walked on those cliffs and rock walls and they don’t look like much from this side, but they’re a lot more impressive up close, and make for quite challenging hikes. Some use the rock walls for training rock climbing aswell, cause they’re really steep.



Sat down to finally read a book! soon as I had read those words in the headline there…..



….I looked upon the sky (to see if it would tumble and fall, of course), and then I saw this! I wondered if I’d been transported to “Roswell” or some kind of “Area 51″. But unfortunately not, it was only a cloud, with a remarkable likeness to a flying saucer. I couldn’t resist making a sort of”UFO”-sighting photo out of it though! 🙂


So, after the wannabe-flying-saucer cloud, came a cute little couple who I befriended. That is, a couple of mallards, who were a couple. But they can’t love, you might be thinking. Oh, I assure you, they can. They stuck around me for quite some time, so I got to observe all their behaviors towards each other. Just like any couple, I’d say, with ups and downs, romance and squabbling…



Our “Juliet” enters the stage,wondering where Romeo is….he is right behind her of course, never leaves her, even for a second..


Now, I fed this couple, but I had only small meatballs to give them! I never thought they’d eat that! I thought of these birds as cute, vegetarian birdies, you know? They usually eat bread crumbs handed out by old ladies and children, in parks…. Nope. They devoured the meatballs, and you could see that both of them wanted the food just as bad as the other… bit of a competition there…. resulting in:


J: “I’m not talking to you”. R:”Fine, I’ll sleep on the couch“!



They simply could not stay away from each other though… Perhaps little birdie Romeo reminded feather-y Juliet that this was where they first met?



Now we are ready to face the future together“.   (Romeo, thinking: “Um, yes, after seeing that quack, I mean couple’s therapist, paying hundreds of dollars. But ok, Juliet is worth it all!”)


After this couple left (because meatballs gone), I continued reading. Bliss. Until suddenly, twenty naked people ran down to the lake and jumped in the water! I picked up my jaw from the floor and tried to figure out who they were. Perhaps some people who had escaped from some sort of institution?

No, I quickly overheard: they were having some bachelor party (bachelorette party? Seemed to be). Now, there was no funny business going on, with the nudity. They all just had fun and swam in the lake. They’d rented the café and large sauna next to the lake.

And no, I did not photograph the naked people….I do have some kind of moral standards!
Ok, I don’t, but they were mostly women, and I’m a straight woman…


Clouds rolling in just before sunset. What do you think these clouds look like? As you know now, I usually see figures in clouds. 🙂



On the way home passing through town, caught a rather nice sunset with the camera!


Hope you enjoyed tagging along, reading about my odd but wonderful day, here in my photo journal. 🙂