The photo: This is from an incredibly still and peaceful lake in Scotland.

I only wish I could also make you smell and feel the crisp fall air, in the moment the photo was taken.

With every breath I took there, I felt I was alive.

That is why I so often return there, in my mind.

Here on my new blog site, I will make some inspiring quotes and post, from time to time. But instead of just posting someone else’s image quotes from some free sites, I will create them, using some of my own photos which are special to me. I don’t think they will look as good in cel phones, as on bigger screens. But, that’s they way it is… I laugh within, at the thought that I am “old fashioned”, when I prefer reading and writing on my computer rather than my phone. (Growing up, I listened to music on cassette tapes…)

I shall name my photo quotes “quotos“. I don’t think that’s a word, yet…


Now, it’s my word.