So, she is finally here! My little kitty! 🙂 Just took a few photo shots of her first day with me, just to be able to remember in the future, how cute, and TINY, she was on the day she arrived. To see how small she actually is, is why I took photos of her next to other objects; photos of her on top of a normal sized pillow, and when she is in an old kitchen pot/pasta pot I don’t use, and also I took a photo with my hand above her face. I can’t believe how tiny her face is next to my hand!

I hope you like these first pics of her, I am sure there will be a lot more to follow in other posts.

Uhm, her name is really hard to translate…. I am trying out a name which would in English translate into something like “Tangle”, you know, when your hair is in a big, crazy tangle? This is cause her fur is rather long, but also because she is completely wild and plays with everything she sees! So she’s bound to get in trouble….

…like when she got herself all tangled up in the curtain, haha! In between playing (tearing down the house), she is extremely cuddly though and I have fallen head over heels for this little cutie. 🙂






You’d better pick up when I call!



“Alright, I’ll wait by the phone instead….”

Love/Survived & “Tangle”