It’s official! It is my first day of 4 weeks vacation time! Time to get going to the lake and have a swim. I’ll bring with me some food from some deli in town. Perhaps some cheap, bubbly wine aswell. I will read, relax, catch some rays, and other lazy and irresponsible things!

This past weekend, I’ve only been sleeping, vegging out, doing absolutely, blissful nothing, except playing with the new kitten and trying to keep her and old, grumpy Mr. Cat, friends, and not killing each other! But now, it is time for ME. Yes, I will be a completely BAD mother to these 2 cats, and leave them for a few hours to fend for themselves. Oh, they will have food etc, but they will sit in separate rooms, cause I don’t want to come home and see blood has been shed in my absence!


Me in vacay mode? Or Marilyn, perhaps, can’t remember!

Why is it my first day today? Well, I had the weekend off, of course, but I always do, so that doesn’t count. Today is the first real day, where I “should have” worked normally, but now am not! And it is such a wonderful feeling! What’s sad is, that it heavily underlines how much I really hate working. I hate it more than I can express in words, to be honest.

I can not fathom that I have 30 years left of going to an office, Every.Single.Day. (Except the weekends, which are over in 5 minutes). I will have to find some escape from that, eventually. I will simply have to find some way to escape that “hamster wheel”(?) or whatever it is called… (Yes, my brain is in mashed-potatoes-vacay-mode, I can’t even remember English words and expressions! Brain has regressed to before the age of 10, which was when I started learning English….

But, my hatred for The.Job. and why I am so trapped etc, will have to wait for a more ranting post, some time. This is actually a wonderful day, day no. 1 of 28, where I am totally freeeeeee! Yay! Nothing so sweet as freedom, right? When you can get up anytime you want, plan your days anyway you please. I am actually really happy today. Today I am exorcist-voodoo-ing out all sadness and anger, and just focusing on this amazing, sunny day. And I happen to know that the water in the lake is now really warm. Something which is quite unusual for my country, where it is cold most of the year. So… Carpe – f*cking – diem, right? Β πŸ˜€

I have lots of lazy days ahead! I even have a couple of small trips planned… more about that later on. Will be interesting.

SO, the plans, schemes, (even scams, perhaps? Mohahaha), to escape 30 more years of office life, and all the rest of life and blogging, will have to wait. Today, I have my escape all set up. For now. Today, I have The Lake!Β