I want to stay there, in sunshine
One moment more of blue skies,
I beg of thee, A rest from all lies
Help me from the darkness hide
Shelter me;
be my shepherd, my guide
Lull me to sleep;
in stillness of summer’s song

Why some get to stay there
for months and years;
while I am shackled here,
defies my understanding,
though it’s clear;

Storms will always fuel my fears,
Darkness always devour my soul; 
Chaos covet forever my humble goals

Universe, I suffered all trials and tests
You want me dead? So, do your best!
Why only decades of plague and pests?
Suck away my oxygen too; watch me
or grow gills, live in water still,
Squeeze the life out of me, watch me
transform, into smaller life forms…

A thousand years you’ve tried,
A thousand times I’ve died,
Yet tenfold more, I survived
Your hatred is there, plain to see
But you will never, ever, be rid of me



Photos and text: ©SurvivedNarc