Hey guys! Back with another little photo post, to show how “Tangle” and Mr. Cat are getting along (or not!). It’s been rough,Β from enemies to frenemies! I was so glad when one of you readers actually asked “But hey, what about your old cat?” So just wanted to make this little post to show both of them together. I think these photos are quite cute. Some of them are really blurry, cause cats moving are extremely hard to capture sometimes. πŸ™‚

Oh, fret not, I will not make my website into a cat website, ha ha! After vacation I will be back to poetry, narcissism, journalling, telling you all about my messed up life, my healing, etc, etc. Just a bit lazy now in the summer. But let’s remain in the here and now. This photo post story will be told from Mr. Cat’s perspective!


Seriously, Mom? How could you bring this devil’s spawn to our house?!



Um… you know I weigh about 6 times more than you, right? So, I wouldn’t, if I were you….



Yeah, I dare you, you little…..! Go on, step on my belly, see what happens!



What the f… Seriously? You’re ninja jump attacking me, right now?



Too exhausted to shoo you away, little one, you can sleep here then. For now….



Yeah yeah, now you’re making that cute face, you think I’ll fall for that, do ya? Hmm, ok, you are pretty cute….



Alright, when you behave well like this, you can get a cat kiss!