It’s time to go away again, yes, the world is calling. Goodbye household chores and sorrows – hello sunny days, exploring strange new streets and alleys, and swimming in a warm ocean! Funny thing – the more you travel, the more you want to do it! Strange how that works. It will be a mystery location again, just so I can surprise you with some photo blogs when I get back.

Do you have some getaway planned? I hope you do. It is wonderful, especially if you are stressed/bored/feeling down, or whatever. A change of scenery can work wonders, I’ve found. It is addictive, too. I have found that every year I need one long vacation abroad, or a couple of shorter ones. So I prioritize that above (almost) everything else, when it comes to what I spend money on. And I find that the memories and experiences are worth SO much more to me, than material things!

The feeling of freedom I get when I travel, is hard to describe in words. It is a feeling that I can leave the past behind, I *could* be a new person, I could change things, etc. It reminds me of how very small I am, and my problems aswell, really. When I travel, I feel light, my soul is soaring. I may take some bags with me, but all my “real baggage” is left at home, for the duration of the trip.

Some of you may remember my photo blog about Malaga earlier this year. Funny thing, I don’t think I mentioned it then, but for those 4 days or so, I completely forgot about the ex narcissist. I mean, like he was obliterated, erased, blown to smithereens! He simply did NOT exist at all, to me, for those four days. What a wonderful rest, for my mind! Hopefully it will be the same during this trip, too.


One thing is a bit troublesome: I have an extreme fear of flying, I have to conquer that fear every time I travel. Oh well. It is worth it. We can not let our fears hold us back from doing something we love now, can we.

This trip really stretched my budget, I guess I have to hold off on travelling for a while, after this. (Horrible thought)! Unless… well, I told you about my plan of trying to be my own employer, etc. If that plan works out, I might be able to carve out some more time (and money) for more travels… Fingers crossed!

I will travel with a family member and we will go somewhere where the weather is supposed to be really hot! I will probably not write any blogs for a week or so. But I will try and read some of your blogs, if I can. And in about a week I will see you (if I haven’t melted away in the heat!) hopefully with some fresh new travel photo blogs!

I hope you are having a great summer, so far! Seize any moments and opportunities you get, to be in nature, to go and see some place you’ve never seen, or always wanted to go to! We really only know that we have today, right? Let us not waste our precious time on this Earth. Let us be adventurers! See you soon, lovelies! /Survived