RANT inc. “Fubar”, yes, that is my absolute favorite expression in English, and also what I am right now, after being back only TWO days at work, after my vacation time. I don’t care if I don’t use that expression properly, you get my meaning, I think.

Seriously, if this is what life is going to be like, working like this all of our lives, then life is seriously overrated!

Weren’t we made for something…else….more….bigger….. something filled with more…. life? Were humans really made to slave away outside of our homes, being gone for 11-12 hours each day…  Commute a couple hours >>> Work your a** off all day at some stressful, shitty, gray office (why are they always GRAY, as if the stress itself wasn’t soul-killing enough!!) >>> Eat something >>> Sleep a few hours, ZZZ, >>> Rinse and repeat * 12569809 times >>> then: die.

Ok, I’m exaggerating a bit. We do have the weekends… and some vacation time…. um… yeah…

And I don’t have to do this for that much longer…   Only 30 years left now.

30 years!!!! Jesus H. Christ!!!


I will now rack my brain for the millionth time, trying to figure out how one could escape and have a better life….

Rob a bank.  Too many legal problems afterwards. Win the lottery. Not going to happen. Since my brain is fubar right now, that’s all I could come up with for now. Back to the drawing board…

Rant over. Will try to write something positive, some time in the future.

Take care out there! Love/Survived Fubar