You know when things are completely illogical and you feel like everything is working against you? That is the feeling I had when trying to register my company for taxes this past week. I took my 40 minutes lunch break to fill out the form online (yes, it took me 40 minutes, cause it was written in ‘Bureaucratic’ and there was no interpreter available).

Pretty pleased with myself for going through that “mini ordeal”, I called up our equivalent of the IRS. (They are the ones who handle this “permit”, ie if they’ll approve you having your own company. The only thing required is basically “don’t have old tax debts. I dont). So I called them up the day after to check; Can I get this permit in a speedy fashion? (Since it takes 5 minutes to look at my form and approve it….)

No. Of course not. “It takes between 2 – 6 WEEKS for us to process your application”, said the anonymous tax guy in a gray suit. (I like to think of him as “John Smith”. OK he said his name but I forgot it the second he said it, and I couldn’t see the color of his suit, but I imagine it is gray, like everything else related to the government, be it buildings, clothes, or personalities).

Now, I am unfair to Mr. Smith, he was actually quite pleasant to talk to. He seemed to understand my conundrum; that I could lose my first client as a company, due to the long process with this (goddamn) application/form that needs to be processed. He said he believed someone would be able to look at it the end of this coming week, and that I should call back Thursday if I hadn’t heard back from them…

Ok, I am new at all this. But honestly, I could never have believed in a million years that an application that “should” take 5 mins to get approved, could take up to six WEEKS for them to look at…. I had a naive belief that I lived in a well developed country and that this sort of thing should be fixed in 24 hours or a week TOPS, what with the digital age and everything.

I will admit this had me very anxious indeed. I dont have a written deal with my client, which means they can pull out at any second, should they find a better offer. Now, we have talked on the phone and made an agreement, but you all can imagine how “solid” that feels….

This uncertainty and resistance I am facing right away, makes me very nervous indeed. I have even started second guessing my decision to start my little company… Β since I do live in a ‘semi socialist” society, there are going to be many more obstacles, I’m sure. The government has a very “unfriendly” policy towards small and medium sized companies. It is basically only the real large corporations that have it easy, and can place all their money in “tax paradises” and get away scot free. (Things like that are in the newspapers all the time, but it just goes on anyway).

I honestly dont know what to do right now. I have to write a deal with my client early this week. I can not do that without this permit…

This all just gets me so… low. I knew there would be obstacles, I just didnt expect them right away, and from a political system I have supported and paid enormous amount of taxes to, all my life. That sort of feels like a friend you have been supportive towards your entire life, and when you really need them, ONCE, they are screening your calls! LOL!! Screw that!

I just cant deal with this right now.


I am going down to the lake this afternoon, gonna have a few beers, get tipsy, and dive into the lake on this “last summer’s day”, and forget all this BS, for today. Perhaps I will go into a sauna facility they have there, sweat and cleanse out all this stress…

Come Monday, I will swing my sword again. A lonely sword against large, cold windmills, made of stone.