Yes: when you are miserable, lonely, rejected, perhaps damaged to the core by a narcissist/sociopath, or other abuser….(anyone?)

A very sad song that is still “cleansing”, when you are grieving:

A very good thing that you can do as a “first step therapy”, is actually: watching romantic period dramas. Believe it or not: They do have a healing quality, to your soul. (of course, there are some, specific hard rock songs that might have a similar effect; here, I can recommend “Alien” by In flames, and “Spaceman”, by Kovenant).

If you are not at all into hard rock songs, turn to these romantic period dramas, like “Poldark”, and other stuff (Jane Austen is our most reliable, “go to” – source, here). Often, there are characters there, who will restore your faith in humanity, and love. I’m not saying that these characters should be role models for reality or anything like that. I am well aware that this kind of romance, like in the period dramas on TV (Downton Abbey) and novels (Jane Austen), do not exist. (Unfortunately). Still, it can make us, the victims of unfathomable cruelty, coldness, and a complete lack of empathy, it can make us believe, that there is… something, out there. After all, it was people, not an alien force, that thought up, and wrote down, all these incredible sagas of romance. So we do know that there are, in fact, people, out there, that want what we want. True love. And nothing less.


In referenece to the romantic tv series “Poldark”, I am referring to the first couple of episodes: He has returned from war, only to find his one and only love, betrothed to another. What does he do? Well, at first, he turns to the drink and, (unfortunately) an occasional date with a prostitute in the pub. He is so bitter, that my own bitterness and hurt, do pale a little bit, in comparison. But, it seems that he will be able to rebuild his life! And I, perhaps too, will be able to do that! So, stay tuned! For both me, and “Poldark” There is hope for us yet!  😉


This is me, trying to rebuild my faith in true love. Like toddlers taking their first steps… so, forgive me if it is in an awkward manner.

I just want to spread the word: Even if you have been betrayed, psychologically abused in the worst manner, you can still find ways to believe in love, once again. I do admit, it is a HUGE step from that, to believeing in an actual person, again. But I hope, and must believe, that it can be done, no matter what atrocities we have suffered through. I hope you will join me when I say:

The narcissists and other abusers will not rob us of our ability to love.

We will not be defeated.

We, who believe in true love, will persevere.