Walking along (like you do)

you stabbed my consciousness,

lit a fire within me,

sudden lightning; striking dry moors


You reminded me of beauty,

long lost and forgotten

You reminded me of kindness

that lives in blue eyes, above the Arctic Circle


Strong arms, wrapped in thick, gray wool

Reminded me of the warmth of an embrace,

You reminded me of the fire a man can build, 

with just one look


You reminded me of Love;

of course I fled

Looking back;

glad to see you enter the train,

Forever lost, to me


I still send my thanks to you,

for now I am: Reminded


This poem was actually not inspired by this song, but in retrospect, I got to thinking that it had close connections to this song:

Perhaps I will speak more about the topic of this poem, in a later post, because there might be more to say on the subject…. we will see….