Can you spot the owl? And the mountains in the background..

Welcome back to some more photos of Norway, it will be this part + two additional parts, cause we can not get enough of the beauty of Scandinavia’s nature, can we? No, we can’t…. And I will save the, IMO, best photos for last, of course! Today, we take a look at how frozen our Scandinavian nature can be in the mornings in the fall.., among other things! Oh, did you miss part 1 of the Norway photos? Fret not, you can find those lovely ole’ photos here:


A world covered in frost, cold beauty…



Frozen river…


Afternoon sun melts it all away, look! (Below)






Can you spot the little farms, down below? Are they toy models or real?! So small down there….



I don’t know how high up I am now, but behind these trees is a sheer drop, I tell you! Very scary… and beautiful…


Hope you enjoyed these and stay tuned for more natural beauty!