My home was invaded by wild cats! Large, beautiful predators, who entered through the balcony door or a window that had been left ajar…. Even though I tried to close all windows, it seemed like there was always another way for them to get in… They were many, at least 5 – 10 in numbers. Of course this did not happen in real life, but in my dream the other night. I really wondered what that was all about. My own simple interpretation would have been: “Hmmm, okay, do I feel threatened?” But, of course, I was wrong. A simple check on dreammoods.com revealed THIS:

“To see a wildcat in your dream represents the feminine aspects which you have neglected or overlooked. You may also be looking for excitement in your social sphere or your sex life“.

Dreammoods.com: You are so accurate sometimes, that it is scary! Even scarier than the dream itself! There I was, trying to have a nice and cuddly evening with Mr. Cat and Tangle at home, like a very old “cat lady”, (at 36 years of age), having sworn of men, and still VERY much longing for intimacy, excitement, new friendships, and even love….  but, still just barricading myself at home with my 2 lovely (and very tame) kitties… when RAAAAWR, these huge wildcats decide to try and invade my home… They were all forms and colors, but the message from the dream interpretation is still very clear:

I will NOT be able to hide at home forever. My subconscious apparently demands that I start taking action towards having some sort of social life, and a sex life, at some point… (Alright, alright, Subconscious, I know all that, already!!)


What strange dreams have you had lately? What do they mean, according to you, (and perhaps also, according to the incredible dream interpretation site? 😉  )