So, I had another “quasi flirt”! Completely unexpected, out of the blue. The fun part is that this flirt was also with a guy in a store! Just like last time. This time was on the phone though, so I’ve never seen him. I had to call a specialty store to order something and I just chose a random store from Google results. I talked to this guy a few days ago, and he said he would call around among his contacts, to see if this was an item he could get a hold of. (Don’t ask, I have pets. I’m weird and need weird stuff).

I thought he was just saying he would get back to me, to be nice on the phone. But to my surprise he actually called me back today, saying he had only found a large pack of this item, which would cost quite a lot. So I said I would need a smaller pack or wait until next month to buy it, cause the cost was too much this month. What did he say then, that was SO cute?

Mystery Man: “Yes, I understand. There is one more guy I could call, who lives up north, he might have smaller packs. That is, if you have the patience to wait a bit longer…”.

Me: (in a joking tone of voice) “I have all the patience in the world! And with this great service, I’ll probably be your loyal customer for the next 40 years or so”.

We just discussed a few more details, and I asked if he had saved my number still, so he could call me up if he found the smaller packs, and he said:

“Yes, I’ve got the note saved right here, it’s hanging here on the wall”.

It was a quite brief conversation, but it just felt so odd, like talking to an old friend or something. And, I just found it so thoughtful of him to go to all this trouble to really get me what I needed. (That is something that is SO foreign to me, after the years with the narcissist…).

And of course, it didn’t hurt that his voice was really attractive…. ! I have no idea what he looks like, but his voice was perfect, kind but still kind of masculine, sensual.

The two men I have been most attracted to in my life, have had great phone voices, too! So, this Mystery Man and our quasi flirt, make me very, very nervous, indeed!

I thanked him and said it was so very sweet of him to help out and we finished the conversation. I hung up, with a silly smile plastered involuntarily on my face.


I don’t know. This is probably nothing. If a real flirt has the mass of like…  a pound… this flirt probably was a light weight, the mass of… an atom. A small fragment of a flirt. But, still. It is something, to me. How can I suddenly flirt with a Mystery Man, with a sensual voice, on the phone? A complete stranger, I don’t even know what he looks like. I only know he has a kind manner, and a wonderful voice.

Oh, I do know something else. I know his name, too.

You won’t believe this.

He has the same name as the Narc.