Ok, so The Nerd got some competition! Yes, believe it or not, a man who works as a lumberjack contacted me on the dating site. What’s so strange about that? you might ask. Well, my city is a capital after all, so quite a lot of, you know, cement, and stuff. Not really a concrete jungle but almost. So, the city isn’t exactly teeming with…. lumberjacks. As expected, he lives an hour or so outside the city…

Yes, I wish he looked a bit like the featured image of today’s post, but he doesn’t. He’s more like me, I’d say I’m currently a 5 on a scale up t0 10. I think I was almost a 7, a few years ago. Perhaps even a 7.5 with some make-up etc. Oh well, no point in crying over spilled milk. That was then and this is now. In fact, I am rather glad the online lumberjack isn’t anywhere between a 7 to a 10, since I’d be way too intimidated by that, to even talk to him. Alright, enough of the superficial stuff, god knows there is enough of that in the online dating world!

I find Mr. Lumberjack interesting cause his profile has this sort of positive aura. Like he just cuts down all of life’s problems with his axe/chainsaw or whatever he has in his tool shed. He also seems genuinely interested in a long-term relationship. I have yet to learn more about him. On the downside is, his messages aren’t very long, usually just one short sentence, which is a bit annoying when you want to get to know someone…. (The Nerd on the other hand, writes long messages, for being on a dating site, that is…)

I will not report about every guy who writes on the dating site, since that would quickly turn into a novel. I just wanted to mention the 2 first semi-interesting guys who have written. From now on, I will only write about the especially interesting ones, (or weird ones).

I wonder, could The Nerd or Mr. Lumberjack possibly be the “Almost Boyfriend” that I need, to sort of “get back in the saddle” when it comes to dating…? I think not. I think they will only be fun people to practice conversation with, for now. But, it is still kind of fun to see where they take the conversation. I am just sort of, you know…. waiting for the other shoe to drop, waiting for them to say something that makes me lose all interest.

It is a challenge, trying to believe that there is someone out there I could like, or even love, again. I know I am being unfair. Am trying to give these people a chance to show who they are, (that is, who they really are, outside of my damaged emotional life that makes me so darn suspicious of everyone).

So, come on Lumberjack, show me what you got!