No matter how broken I became after the narcissist, I still had a lot of love for him. We still had wonderful times together; banter, going out to find adventures in the world, cooking together, watching movies, having extraordinary sex, displays from both sides of a tenderness out of this world; a bond that was so strong it seemed unbreakable, the way we always were sucked back towards each other, like those little toy train sets, with opposite magnets that get automatically sucked in towards each other.

This is our song, and our movie, that I am posting here today. If you only have the slightest inclination towards romantic movies (and songs), I truly recommend this movie,”Wicker Park”. It is an ordinary romantic movie, but it is still a little bit different from others in the same genre. It is not a stupid or mindless romantic movie, instead it has some twists and some depth to it, really.

Still, even if this was our movie, and our song…. Β I know it was all fake, from him. And I know it was all real, from my side. That is extremely painful, just to touch that thought, at all. How can a person like me, be so deceived as to live in an alternate reality for years? I just don’t get it. Maybe I never will.

But I will always know one thing.

My love was real.