Warning: Might be considered an offensive post with “mild” sexual content.

A “blast from the past” showed up on the dating site again! I talked to him about a year ago. Don’t think he remembers. I on the other hand, do remember him well. He sent me pictures of his, well, his most treasured parts, I’m sure. Without being asked for it…. Just don’t, I say. I am not a prude. Very far from it. Yet, I do not appreciate strangers who force me to go to their own private sausage fest, if you get my meaning! πŸ™‚ What’s up with that? Same as this person who made this indecent snowman, I guess. A need for exhibitionism, attention, etc.

I did not reply to Mr. Sausage’s message: “Hey there! Hello sweetheart, how are you??”

Perhaps he did remember me after all. I wasn’t rude to him, and I didn’t tell him to go to hell, back then… Β which I am pretty sure many other women have done…

Just thought I would post this weird post, cause I got about 5 deep, sad, dark posts in the pipeline… Β so, be forewarned. You know me, I try to mix it up…. Β πŸ™‚

What do you think about the uninvited display of, ahem, this sort of “treasure”? Have you been exposed to it? How did you respond? If I would respond to Mr. Sausage now, I would probably say something like, “Oh, no thanks, I’m full, I already had some delicious Coney Island hot dog today”. If I was feeling mean in general towards his “type”, I would add: “Besides, I am sorry, but your offer doesn’t seem to measure up to the ‘All you can eat – buffet’, that you generally want when you’re hungry…”

πŸ™‚ Β Love /Cheeky Survived.